A Business Directory for Sussex County, Delaware

Government Offices-County

Business Name City Phone
County Administration BuildingGeorgetown(302) 855-7700
County Of SussexGeorgetown(302) 855-7700
Dewey Beach Water TowerDewey Beach(302) 227-6310
Inland Bay Waste Water PlantMillsboro(302) 947-0864
Sewer ConstructionGeorgetown(302) 855-7717
Sussex Cnty Community DevmntGeorgetown(302) 855-7777
Sussex Cnty Wolfe Neck WasteRehoboth Beach(302) 644-2761
Sussex County AccountingGeorgetown(302) 855-7853
Sussex County AddressingGeorgetown(302) 855-1176
Sussex County AssessmentGeorgetown(302) 855-7824
Sussex County Building CodeGeorgetown(302) 855-7860
Sussex County Building PermitGeorgetown(302) 855-7720
Sussex County Constable's OfcGeorgetown(302) 855-7819
Sussex County CouncilGeorgetown(302) 855-7700
Sussex County CouncilGeorgetown(302) 855-7743
Sussex County Data ProcessingGeorgetown(302) 853-1718
Sussex County Economic DevmntGeorgetown(302) 855-7770
Sussex County Emergency CtrGeorgetown(302) 855-7700
Sussex County Emergency OprtnGeorgetown(302) 855-7801
Sussex County EngineeringGeorgetown(302) 855-7718
Sussex County Facilities MgmtGeorgetown(302) 855-7840
Sussex County Finance AdminGeorgetown(302) 855-7741
Sussex County HealthGeorgetown(302) 856-5355
Sussex County Human ResourcesGeorgetown(302) 855-7711
Sussex County LEPCGeorgetown(302) 855-7810
Sussex County Mapping DeptGeorgetown(302) 855-7827
Sussex County Marriage BureauGeorgetown(302) 853-1717
Sussex County Planning-ZoningGeorgetown(302) 855-7878
Sussex County Public Info OfcGeorgetown(302) 854-5000
Sussex County Public WorksGeorgetown(302) 855-7703
Sussex County Recorder-DeedsGeorgetown(302) 855-7785
Sussex County Records MgmtGeorgetown(302) 854-5033
Sussex County Register Of WillGeorgetown(302) 855-7875
Sussex County Title SearchGeorgetown(302) 855-7788
Sussex County Transfer StationGeorgetown(302) 855-7818
Sussex County Treasury DeptGeorgetown(302) 855-7760
Sussex County Utility BillingGeorgetown(302) 855-7871
Utility Billing DivGeorgetown(302) 855-7870